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The Married Ex Villainess Want to Run Away from Sadistic Prince

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Synonyms Tsunderu Moto Akuyaku Reijou wa Do S Ouji-sama kara Nigedashitai, 詰んでる元悪役令嬢はドS王子様から逃げ出したい, 走投无路的前恶役千金想从抖S王子身边逃脱, 走投無路的前惡役千金想從抖S王子身邊逃脫


Romance Smut Isekai Adaptation Reincarnation Villainess

Author(s) Usuikatsura

Artist(s) Carmilla

Rating 8.96 / 295 vote(s)

Views 210,433


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Story Line What was waiting in the world of reincarnated otome games-a radical training life from a super sadist prince !? One day, office lady Anna Tabita wakes up in the body of Annelie, the villainess of the R-rated otome game 'Cress Secret Love Story' and wife of the crown prince and capture target Reinhard. Annelie is destined to meet a horrible fate in all endings of the otome game, regardless who the heroine Mia ends up with. What is worse, her husband Reinhard on the surface seems kind and gentle, but secretly he is a tsundere sadistic prince who has now decided to help Annelie regain her memories the only way he knows how: By making her submit to him!

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