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(Kono Sekai wa Mou Ore ga Sukutte Tomi to Kenryoku wo Te ni Iretashi, Onna Kishi ya Onna Maou to Shiro de Tanoshiku Kurashiteru kara, Ore Igai no Yuusha wa) Mou Isekai ni Konaide Kudasai.

Synonyms (この世界はもう俺が救って富と権力を手に入れたし、女騎士や女魔王と城で楽しく暮らしてるから、俺以外の勇者は)もう異世界に来ないでください。, I have already saved this world, took all the riches, and gained all the power, I'm living a fun life in a castle with a woman knight and a female Demon Lord, so, please, we don't need

Released Mar 25, 2017



Author(s) Itou, Hiro

Artist(s) Ogipote

Rating 8.27 / 29 vote(s)

Views 559


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