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Nekokino to Ame no Machi

Synonyms ネコキノと雨の町, Neko Kino to Ame no Machi, Cat Mushroom Girl and Town of Rain

Released Jul 30, 2008


Supernatural Hentai

Author(s) Nixinamo, Lens

Rating 6.6 / 107 vote(s)

Views 216


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Story Line One rainy day Amamiya came back to his apartment and found a strange mushroom growing on the floor. And when he tried to pick it up and throw away mushroom transformed into a girl with mushroom hat and cat ears. Apparently she is a catshroom. He doesn't like mushrooms but on the other had he likes cat ears. So what should he do? And why does this girl cling to the "mushroom" between his legs? (Source: MU)

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