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Stop! Goshujinsama

Synonyms ストップ!ご主人様, Stop! Master, Stop Master, Stop Goshunjinsama, Stop! Goshunjinsama

Released Jan 01, 2005



Author(s) Miyashita, Kitsune

Rating 6.64 / 294 vote(s)

Views 441


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Story Line Collection of 6 unrelated oneshots, some with cat and fox boys, some with shota-looking human boys. 1. Sorry to Keep You Waiting, Master Misaki is obliged to wear girl-maid outfit to work in his family's coffee with his three older sisters. Sawamura who became a regular costumer just to see him thinks he's a girl. When Misaki tells him who he really is, Sawamura seems not to care... 2. Stop It, Big Brother Sora is living a love story with his senpai, his best friend's big brother. But it seems to him that the senpai he loves the most has a brother complex. What will happen when those three will stay for a whole week in a house without any parents there? 3. The Forest Bear's Treasured Possession Morino the bear found a little silver fox named Fuusuke. He lost his parents and now lives happily with Morino. But a bear and a fox can really live together despite the fact that they are from different species? 4. Kitty Cat to Love Miisuke is from the cat clan. This is the love season for them but he has nobody to share it with. It's decided: this year, he will spend it with the person he loves, a kind human named Katsuo! 5. Together Forever Mika and Tomoyuki are childhood friends, Mika being one year older than Tomoyuki. His kouhai loves him and wants to be together with him but Mika pretends he doesn't want to. They share the same feelings but why can't they be together? 6. Pet-like Feelings Yoshihisa faces a strange confession: a cute little high schooler who wants to be raised by him! (Source: MU)

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