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Kokoi Otome

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Synonyms 濃恋乙女, Issho ni Araikko♥, Special♥Gym Taiken, The Chubby Girl and the Queen, After School Temptation, Ritsuko-san no ○○ Keikaku♥, Sweet♥Milk, Sweet♥Home, Simple? Complicated?, Kawaritai no!, Yankee-san? to Odebu-kun, Onee-san wa Stalker!?

Released Oct 10, 2009



Author(s) Shijou, Sadafumi

Rating 6.67 / 50 vote(s)

Views 175


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Story Line 1. Issho ni Araikko♥ 2. Special♥Gym Taiken 3-4. Mucchiri Musume to Joou-sama (The Chubby Girl and the Queen) 5. Houkago Temptation (After School Temptation) 6. Ritsuko-san no ○○ Keikaku♥ 7. Sweet♥Milk 8. Sweet♥Home 9. Tanjun?←♥→Fukuzatsu? (Simple? Complicated?) 10. Kawaritai no! 11. Yankee-san? to Odebu-kun 12. Onee-san wa Stalker!?

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