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A or ABC

Synonyms undefined, A or ABC ~ Love Attack Stories

Released Jan 01, 1999



Author(s) Fukiyama, Rico

Rating 6.7 / 108 vote(s)

Views 318


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Story Line A sweet volleyball romance! Ayumu is a gay high school student whose motto is, "I like cute and pretty boys." (He himself is cute and pretty, after all!) But despite such a flippant motto, he is actually a rather serious type who is madly crushing on his friend from junior high, Saki. Saki is on the school's volleyball team and is gentle and soft-spoken - the very image of Ayumu's ideal "type". But what happens when, instead of catching Saki's attention, he catches the interest of the lazy, chain-smoking volleyball coach? The coach's name is Kouga-sensei, and he's a weirdo who has no manners at all. This bastard sensei confronts Ayumu with a rude question - "You like boys, right?" - and then bullies Ayumu into joining the volleyball team. But what are his true motives for bullying Ayumu? He's tall, dark, devious and unpleasant - far from Ayumu's "cute and pretty" ideal. Why, then, does he make Ayumu's heart race? (Source: MU)

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