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Saitou-kun to Satou-san

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Synonyms 斉藤くんと佐藤さん, FreshMen, Fresh Men, Saitou-kun and Satou-san, Saito Kun to Sato San, Choumaru, Chomaru, Summer Accident, memory of, Winter Butterfly

Released Nov 30, -0001



Author(s) Matsukawa, Yuriko

Rating 6.7 / 34 vote(s)

Views 2,167


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Story Line Chapters 1-3 Saitou-kun to Satou-san (FreshMen) College freshmen Takayuki Saito faints into the arms of sophomore Hitoshi Sato during their school's entrance ceremony. Not knowing that the reason for his fainting spell was from too much partying, all Sato sees is a fragile boy fresh out of high school who needs looking after. Unfortunately for Sato, it turns out that Saito is "fresh" in more ways than he can handle! (Deux) Chapter 4-6 Choumaru (former dj) Chomaru is a beautiful man who completely fascinates a playboy. 4. Summer Accident 5. memory of 6. Winter Butterfly

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