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Himitsu na Kankei dj - Owatta Ato de mo Kankeichuu

Synonyms 秘密な関係 終わった後でも関係中, Secret Connection dj - Owatta Ato de mo Kankeichuu

Released Jan 01, 2005


Yaoi Doujinshi

Author(s) CJ Michalski

Rating 6.7 / 113 vote(s)

Views 813


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Story Line Ukyou, the spoiled only son of the most powerful mob boss in the region, is smitten at first sight with Kakeru, the cute son of a local ramen-ya. But when he goes to declare his undying love, he discovers that thanks to the bullying of a rival mob, the ramen shop is deep in debt, Kakeru's father is in the hospital, and Kakeru is struggling to keep the place going on his own. Naturally, Kakeru now HATES yakuza. Fortunately, the kid is too dim to recognize Ukyou without his sunglasses and loud suits, so Kumichou-san (Mr. Mob Boss) whips off the sunglasses and becomes Ukyou-kun, homeless guy who needs a job at the ramen shop to survive. (Source: MU)

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