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Futanarikko Cafe ni Youkoso

Synonyms ふたなりっ娘カフェにようこそ, Welcome to Futanari Cafe, Futanari Cafe, Futanari Girls Are the Princess's Playthings, Coming of Age Diary of a Tadpole, Kairaku no Mandoragora, The Charybdis' Delicious Dining Table, Oshiete Mahoujin!!, Futa Kamisama, Futa Goddess, Iincho

Released Feb 26, 2009


Gender Bender Hentai

Author(s) Shidou, Mayuru

Rating 6.73 / 84 vote(s)

Views 515


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Story Line 1. Futa☆Cafe (Futanari Cafe) 2. Hime-sama no Omocha wa Futanari Musume (Futanari Girls Are the Princess's Playthings) 3. Otama Jakushi no Seichouki (Coming of Age Diary of a Tadpole) 4. Kairaku no Mandoragora 5. Charybdis' no Oishii Shokutaku (The Charybdis' Delicious Dining Table) 6-8. Oshiete Mahoujin!! 9. Futa Kamisama 10. Futa Megami (Futa Goddess) 11. Iinchou to no Basho 12. Futa☆Cafe: Shin Menyuu wa Ikaga desu ka?

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