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Crimson Wind

Synonyms クリムゾンウインド

Released May 12, 2005


Fantasy Yaoi

Author(s) DUO BRAND.

Rating 6.76 / 33 vote(s)

Views 355


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Story Line Crimson Wind is the sequel to White Guardian. In this volume, we travel back in time to when Landa's hero, General Sei, first met his former lover, Governor Touri of the West. The year is 520 of the Landa calendar, and Sei is a new cadet in the military. Coming from a family of soldiers, Sei easily wins the annual fighting tournament. However, unknown to Sei, the trophy wasn't the only prize he won that day. Looking on from the aristocrats' balcony, Touri was captivated by the handsome young swordsman--and vowed that Sei would become his. (Source: DramaQueen)

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