• The Devil’s Temptation
    The Devil’s Temptation 2020-12-02

    I need an update. I can't wait.

  • 산호가 피어나는 소리
    The Sound Of Coral Blooming 2020-12-01

    Saro... Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→

  • Dangerous Convenience Store 2020-12-01

    Haha! I excited for the next update

  • 사장님을 덕질중입니다
    Chasing Mr. Ceo 2020-12-01

    I want him to choose the ceo... I bet he is actually Cain

  • 放学别走
    Don't Leave After School 2020-11-30

    Kian is such a amazing human and a sweet idiot. That song he dedicated to him is just making my heart melt. I'm so glad his Gramps supports him. It's such a beautiful story.

  • 放学别走
    Don't Leave After School 2020-11-29

    The translations are bad .. I can't follow the story to well

  • ÁNh Trăng, ÁNh Trăng HÚ ; Dalbit Haulling ; Howling Under The Moonlight ; Talbit Haulling ; 달빛 하울링
    Moonlight Howling 2020-11-29

    It's getting juicy

  • My Partner's Tastes and Fetishes 2020-11-29

    I need more of this asap

  • Sweet Room 2020-11-29

    This was super cute. Ashton is so cute with being in love for the first time... ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

  • Hwang Lyong Jeon ;  Hwanglyongjeon ;  Сказание о Жёлтом Драконе ;  황룡전
    Tale of the Yellow Dragon 2020-11-29

    I didn't like the ending ???? .. I wanted something different... But omg I love this so much.

  • They Are a Couple , Haneul Gat-eun Namchin, Nan Shen Shi Yi Dui, Пара красавчиков, 男神是一对, 하늘 같은 남친
    They are a Couple 2020-11-28

    This so boring.... (⌒_⌒;)

  • 수상한 손님과 알바생; Suspicious Guest and the Part-Timer
    Pleasure Principle 2020-11-28

    Hey the reply is me. I forgot to log in

  • Youth(hyoming) 2020-11-28

    I enjoyed this sweet story

  • legs not walking; 걷지 않는 다리;
    Legs Which Cannot Walk 2020-11-28

    I want to find me a Mr. Park ????

  • legs not walking; 걷지 않는 다리;
    Legs Which Cannot Walk 2020-11-28

    Big Facts

  • legs not walking; 걷지 않는 다리;
    Legs Which Cannot Walk 2020-11-28

    Love. Love. Love

  • W.O.W
    Walk on Water 2020-11-27

    I'm so in love with this. I hate Chang for forcing himself on Ed. I hated him before then but that made me hate his guts. But I'm just glad they ended up together. Ed and Glenn forever!!

  • BL Motel 2020-11-26

    I can't wait I need some more ????????

  • Unluckily Lucky 2020-11-24

    I agree. I can't wait for the next update

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-11-24

    *ahem* I want to see a 3some with Mr Han, Hwi and Param

  • 이웃이 운명인가요
    Fate Between Neighbors 2020-11-23

    Very promising ????

  • Slutty guy falls for a straight man 2020-11-23

    I wish it was longer. This was too cute to be short

    Why Is it You? 2020-11-23

    I love some versatility.. Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→

  • 마리오네트 (시리얼);
    Marionette (Cereal) 2020-11-22

    I'm not sure but I think he was a doll...

  • 마리오네트 (시리얼);
    Marionette (Cereal) 2020-11-22

    I'm sorry what? ????

  • May Belongs to Me 2020-11-22

    I swear I love this kind of love. It's comes off so borderline crazy but that person would never hurt you

  • 수상한 손님과 알바생; Suspicious Guest and the Part-Timer
    Pleasure Principle 2020-11-22

    I approve

  • Wish Me Love 2020-11-22


  • Spinel 2020-11-21

    Nooooooo, pls. I need more .. (╥﹏╥)

  • Private Lessons 2020-11-21

    I love these so much. Really good.

  • Nhân viên mới,  신입사원
    The New Employee 2020-11-21

    They are sooooo cute...

  • 爱慕的少年 ; 사랑하는 소년 ; Salanghaneun Sonyeon
    Lover Boy (Lezhin) 2020-11-21

    OMG! My favorite yaoi ever!!!!!! Eunho is just wow!! His innocent face just really... Wow .. I'm shocked by him. Absolutely my favorite. Definitely going to purchase from the author!!!

  • 애증 결핍
    Lack of Love 2020-11-21

    This was good. Very slow progressing but I still couldn't stop reading

  • 오 나의 어시님
    Oh! My Assistant 2020-11-20

    I really loved this.

  • 공작가의 가정교사
    Duke's Private Tutor 2020-11-19


  • Lover Shuttle ;  Aein Syeoteul ;  애인셔틀 ;  Движение любви
    Love Shuttle 2020-11-17

    This is amazing!!! ❤️❤️