No shared collection

  • Yahwacheop; 夜画集; 野畫集; 야화첩;
    Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop) 2020-12-01

    They always update every Friday just fyi.

  • Yeolgwang,  열광
    Enthusiasm 2020-11-21

    wu spicyyy

  • Yingdi Chongsheng Juben, Film Emperor’s Reincarnation Script, 影帝重生剧本
    Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script 2020-11-06

    No romance no problem

  • 总裁想静静
    Stay With The CEO 2020-11-05

    sorry but this not yaoi right? somebody tell me

  • 회사원 K의 비밀 ; K’s Secret
    K's Secret 2020-11-04

    I’ve been read this for like 10 times and this manhwa is still my least favorite so far. K’s secret should be an anime

  • Manyeoui Baljagug, Scent of a Witch, 마녀의 발자국
    Trace of Witch (Scent of a Witch) 2020-11-04

    this is so touching I cried at the end of the chapter thankyou author for making a great story

  • 巨人族の花嫁
    The Titan's bride 2020-11-03

    I think the anime of this manga was completed

  • キリング・ストーキング (Japanese); 킬링 스토킹 (Korean)
    Killing Stalking 2020-10-30

    Mama I’m in love with a criminal

  • 복종하는 방법 ;  How to Obey
    Obey Me 2020-10-30

    oh no the tags it’s make me don’t want to read this manga

    Beastars 2020-10-30

    I love this manga but it’s just not my type

  • Biting the Tiger 2020-10-30

    is that the real ending or it’s going to continue?

  • 엔젤 버디
    Angel Buddy 2020-10-29

    I recommend you to read a paramour or Yellow dragon. Just in case if you didn’t read this manga yet

  • A proxy painter
    A Painter Behind the Curtain 2020-10-28

    what’s on your mind Raymond? this is really frustrating me

  • Body Complex 2020-10-27

    It’s so sad and lovely at the same time thankyou author for making such a lovely story

  • Eat You When the Flowers Bloom,  花开之时吃掉你
    Ripe When the Flowers Bloom 2020-10-26

    finally thankyou updater

  • The Devil’s Temptation
    The Devil’s Temptation 2020-10-26

    Before I read this can somebody tell me is this like threesome or something? I’m confused bcs of the picture poster

  • No Money,  听说我很穷
    I Hear I'm Poor 2020-10-26

    Mr Xie You why you so sweet ????????

  • 无氧之爱 ; 深海之囚
    Anaerobic Love: Deep Sea Prisoner 2020-10-25

    thankyou for the update

  • 純情ロマンチカ, Pure Romance, Junjou Egoist, Junjou Terrorist
    Junjou Romantica 2020-10-24

    For some people that didn’t know, this manga already have it’s own anime drama.

  • 放学别走
    Don't Leave After School 2020-10-23

    this story is sooo freaking cute

  • A proxy painter
    A Painter Behind the Curtain 2020-10-21

    it will

  • A proxy painter
    A Painter Behind the Curtain 2020-10-21

    Ugh annoying but ya I will still keep reading this whatever but just make sure tht i’ll be happy ending

  • 请君入眠
    Please Fall Asleep, Emperor 2020-10-21

    oh no it’s not I mistaken it

  • 请君入眠
    Please Fall Asleep, Emperor 2020-10-21

    The actor is the same as Silent lover isn’t it? But still ya this story is interesting

  • 穿越成反派要如何活命
    To Be or Not to Be 2020-10-18

    is this yaoi btw? I want to know before I click it hahaha

  • Hwang Lyong Jeon ;  Hwanglyongjeon ;  Сказание о Жёлтом Драконе ;  황룡전
    Tale of the Yellow Dragon 2020-10-17

    I swear this is the best bl story I ever read. It’s really beautiful story that even make me cry over it

    Why Is it You? 2020-10-17

    it’s cute that Jordyn always wanted to be top even I see that Owen is more suitable to be top but it’s better that they switching sometimes